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Mark Hebron Collects Bras for Cancer Research

After agreeing to site a ‘bra bank’ in the salon, Ilminster hairdresser Mark Hebron, and his team of lovely ladies led by Claire Hebron, are busy collecting bras to help raise funds for Cancer Research charities.

Linda Piggott, President of the Rotary Club of Ilminster, said, ‘This is a Rotary led initiative to collect unwanted bras to support a nationwide scheme. For some months now we have been looking to find a local business to help us gain wider public awareness of this. We felt that a business that sees a lot of female footfall, such as Hebron’s, would be ideal and I am thrilled that they have decided to help us. We already have a large number of bars donated, and now we have a central collection point in the town, which is brilliant news.’

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